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Welcome to the online home of the Savannah Qigong Collaborative. Scroll down to read informational posts about our work in the community, and to learn about Qigong (“chee gong”), a discipline of exercises and health maintenance practices with a long and rich tradition. The sidebars will link you to information about our teachers and our class schedules. Spend a few minutes with us here, and then stop by one of our many (free!) community classes in the Savannah area.

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Introducing Beth Martin

We are happy to welcome Beth Martin to the SQC team! She has agreed to assume the role of a Qigong practice leader within our group. Beth is a long-time practitioner of yoga and Qigong, and has been a regular participant in community and Veterans Administration classes. She has been certified as a practice leader by John Munro of the Long White Cloud Qigong school, and is now pursuing Level One instructor certification. Beth is a graduate of the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. She also has studied acupuncture and traditional Chinese veterinary medicine at the Chi Institute in Florida. Beth is the owner of Martin Mobile Veterinary Services, and an independent distributor of BEMER products for circulatory and vascular health.

(If you participate regularly in our community classes and are interested in mentoring for the role of Qigong practice leader, let your SQC teacher know, and we’ll get the conversation started!)

Community classes resume at the UU Church and SW Chatham Library

Weekly Qigong classes at the SW Chatham Library have resumed. 

Fridays from 12:00-1:00 pm.

Beginners are welcome! There is no charge to participate.

The library is located at 14097 Abercorn Street, near the Savannah Mall and directly across from the VA Clinic on Shawmut Street. There is abundant parking in adjacent lots.



Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah - TripAdvisor

Weekly Qigong classes at the Unitarian Universalist Church have resumed.

Wednesdays from 11:00-12:00 in the church (not Rahn Hall).

Beginners are welcome! There is no charge to participate. Donations to support church activities are appreciated.

The church is located at 311 E. Harris St., on Troupe Square. Access the building through the Macon St. side entrance.

Street parking in the area is generally available within easy walking distance. Handicap parking spots in front of the church are also available.


For information about all of the SQC’s Qigong offerings, visit our Overview of Qigong classes and Gatherings page.

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We hope to see you at a community practice!

New Community practice opportunities

NEW VETERANS ADMINISTRATION PRACTICE.  Another community practice for the Veterans Administration has been added to the schedule of SQC teacher Clayton Crosley. He will teach on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at 10:00 am, beginning Oct. 9 (These classes are restricted to veterans only. Beginners are welcome!)

Veterans Administration office, 321 Commercial Drive, Savannah 


WHITEFIELD SQUARE PRACTICE RESUMES OCT. 10: Summer is over, and fall brings cooler temperatures (we hope)! Weekly outdoor community practice resumes at Whitefield Square each Thursday at 11:00, beginning Oct. 10. (Habersham Street between E. Taylor and E. Gordon Streets.) Come experience social Qigong in a beautiful outdoor setting!


Whitefield Square, Savannah, GA


Check our online Google calendar for weekly updates on any pending class schedule changes or cancellations.

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Qigong Video Resources

We now have TWO video resources pages on our website!

Community class participants may now access a password protected page with links to videos supporting  home practice. Your SQC teacher will share the password with you upon request.

(This is a separate page from that referenced below.)


SQC teachers often receive requests for introductory videos about Qigong. A new “Selected Video Resources” page (open access) provides links to six (6) introductory YouTube videos for your education and inspiration. Check them out and see what resonates with you!


John Munro with SQC teachers and friends,
demonstrating Wuji Five Elements Qigong

Welcome to possibility…

The teachers and practice leaders of the Savannah Qigong Collaborative welcome you to our website. We invite you to experience the physical, mental, and wellness benefits of group Qigong practice at a number of locations in the area.

WHAT IS QIGONG? The Chinese characters for Qigong (“Chee Gong”) can be translated as “Life Energy Cultivation.” (Alternate spellings include “Qi gong” and “Chi Kung.”) The term encompasses a range of practices that emphasize coordinated and mindful body alignment, movement, breathing, and meditation. (Qigong is closely related to Tai Chi, an alternate form and style of mind / body practice.)

Qigong philosophy and practices are foundational aspects of traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts training. Various styles of Qigong are practiced by young and old throughout China, and Qigong is becoming more popular worldwide for recreation, gentle exercise, and the promotion of wellness. Recent research into Qigong and Tai Chi points to a range of benefits for physical and mental health within a larger framework of integrative medicine and wellness care.

IS IT FOR ME? Forget the media images of martial arts masters in traditional clothing! No expertise or experience is required to practice Qigong in a group setting. Some participants have just started learning about Qigong, while others have been practicing solo and in groups for years. Whether you are 19 or 90, Qigong has something to offer you. Beginners are always welcome at any group session. If you are challenged by physical or mobility issues, we encourage you to ask a teacher about how Qigong practice might be adapted for your particular situation.

Our community-based classes are solely educational, and focus on gentle exercise, self-care, stress reduction, and overall wellness. Neither medical diagnoses nor representations about possible therapeutic outcomes for individual participants are offered in these settings. (If you have concerns or questions in this area, speak with your personal health care provider, and/or with an SQC teacher, who may be able to provide a referral for professional consultation.) 

(Before embarking on any new type of exercise or activity, consult with your doctor or health care provider. Participants are responsible for their own self-care.)

WHAT KIND OF TRAINING IS OFFERED? Our certified and experienced teachers draw on a variety of (Western) Qigong “lineages” and philosophies. These include the IIQTC (International Institute of Qigong and Tai Chi) style as taught by Roger Jahnke, Long White Cloud Qigong as taught by John Munro, and the Lotus Health Institute style as taught by Robin Murphy. A community practice session will typically include exercises for alignment, breathing, balance, energizing and strengthening the body, and discovering possibilities for both relaxation and “flow” in daily living. 

The SQC is not a Qigong school, and we do not offer a formal training program. However, we do mentor and coach enthusiastic Qigong practitioners to become practice leaders. And we occasionally sponsor workshops with visiting teachers; those activities introduce participants to different Qigong styles and teaching philosophies. If you are interested in structured, progressive training (with or without certification), or in stepping into the role of a practice leader, speak with one of our teachers. We can advise or refer you to Qigong courses as appropriate. 

IS QIGONG A RELIGION? This question occasionally comes up, and the short answer is NO. Qigong masters, teachers, students, and practitioners around the globe include believers in many of the world’s religious traditions—as well as people who do not identify with any particular creed or faith tradition.

WHAT DOES IT COST? There is no charge for attending community practice sessions offered by teachers and practice leaders of the Savannah Qigong Collaborative. Their work is offered in the spirit of promoting wellness in the community. Donations may be requested for special classes offered by SQC teachers, or to support the venues that host practice sessions. (Individual teachers may also offer for-charge lessons outside of regularly scheduled community practice times.)

WHERE CAN I PRACTICE? Practice sessions are offered at five different locations in the Savannah area, six days a week. For a look at the current schedule of offerings, click on the link below. 


(updated 10-6-19) 


Information about the SQC teachers (bios and contact information)

Thanks for visiting. We hope to see you at a practice session!




NOTE: Any practices provided and/or promoted by this website are made available for your personal, non-commercial use only. Please consult your health care provider if you are in doubt about your capacities. Qigong practices as shared and demonstrated in community classes are known to be safe. However, you voluntarily assume any and all risks, known or unknown, associated with your learning and practice of Qigong. The instructors of the Savannah Qigong Collaborative are not liable for any injury, health impairment, or accident befalling any student during class, outside of class, or as a result of Qigong practice.